Fees are based upon a “client hour”, plus HST.

Per hour of charged service fees include:

  • 1 hour of direct intervention
  • session preparation
  • evaluative procedures in accordance with the facility’s standards
  • recommendations and generalization plans

*Note:  A single ½ hour of service cost is not equal to half of the hour program’s fee.

Additional Services included in Fee:

  • informal consultative support on following through with recommendations
  • program development (both initial work and on-going)
  • initial consultation meetings
  • monthly review of caseload by Music Therapist and MT supervisor
  • ongoing research to ensure the highest quality of service provision (through attending conferences, participation in research, and literature searches)
  • program observation by MT supervisor

Fee also incorporates:

  • flexibility of service provision, in regards to time implementation and program structure
  • provision of instruments
  • malpractice insurance
  • liability insurance
  • WSIB insurance

Not Included:    

  • HST
  • formal meetings
  • travel time (outside of London)
  • gathering of residents for programs
  • formal assessment
  • attendance at meetings

Additional available service:

  • free presentations concerning “What is Music Therapy?”

The above schedule takes into consideration both the fee levels traditionally charged in the London area and the Music Therapy Association of Ontario's average recommended rate.

Rates are adjusted every other year to reflect increases in the cost of living. The next rate increase is due November 2016.