MTL has provided services to children:

  • with language and communication needs
  • with perceptual motor planning difficulties
  • with a hearing impairment
  • in a fragile medical condition
  • in need of sensory stimulation
  • with Retts Syndrome
  • with Solos Syndrome
  • with PDD/Autistic Disorder
  • with Down Syndrome
  • with mental impairments and behavioral needs
  • supporting dental interventions (for children who are highly resistive)

MTL has provided services to teenagers:

    with learning disabilities
    who are “at risk” and require enhanced environments and educational supports
    with mental impairments/behavioral needs

Music therapy can be used for:

Cognitive Development - stimulation
- attention span
- academic concepts
- self-care tasks

Socio-Emotional Development - emotional awareness and appropriate expression
- emotional expression & resolution (e.g. due to trauma or grief)
- comfort (e.g. during acute or terminal illness)
- socially appropriate behaviours
- basic social skills (sharing, taking turns, imitating)

Physical Development - gross and fine motor skills
- body awareness and control
- eye hand coordination

Language Development - the ability to follow simple direction - articulation
- breath and oral muscular control
- conversation