“The most important part of my job is that I am interacting, through music, with a person. A person. Not a body. Not a diagnosis. A living being with thoughts, emotions, memories, skills, limitations, pains and losses, triumphs and joys.”
    -Kerry L. Hryniw Byers

     As music therapy is a service for people who are vulunerable, in some way, there is always a chance that the “therapist” may harm, unintentionally, the individual. This is why it is important to hire a qualified music therapist. Our training stresses professional, ethical behaviour and provides education concerning how harm can be caused in sessions.

    A qualified music therapist has the credential:     MTA  (music therapist accredited)

Qualified music therapist have completed a 4 year Honors Bachelor Degree of Music Therapy, have completed 1000 hour internship, and have received and maintained the Accreditation credential from the Canadian Association for Music Therapy.

An application for accreditation requires a various reports, essays, and evaluations, letters of reference, and evidence of professional work. Acceptance is only given when each component of the application meets the national standards.

Once MTA status has been granted, the music therapist is required to:

    -follow the rules and regulations of CAMT’s professional standards and Code of Ethics;
    -maintain a  level of continuing education;
    -carry professional malpractice and liability insurance;
    -adhere to privacy and consent to treatment laws.