Contact us for a free appointment to review music therapy as it relates to your needs, and to discuss potential services.

Please note that clinic services are not currently available. We come to you -at your home, the hospital, school, etc.

Programs are tailored to individual client and facility needs, there is a wide range of service methods, lengths, frequencies, and cost.

Needs can be met through:

-1:1 sessions
-small or large groups
-recreational programs

Daily, weekly, or bi-weekly sessions, or short-term (e.g., 12 week) programs are available.

Goal Areas that can be addressed:
-skill development
-behaviour (aggression, agitation, unfocused attention)
-support within the medical environment (during dentist or medical treatments, when confined to bed)
-quality of life

* Kerry’s specialization is working with those who have cognitive impairments and severe behavioural issues, and with those with limited functioning abilities.
For Example,
            *cognitively impaired child who is unable to focus his/her attention
            *a teen who is cognitively impaired and aggressive or self abusive
            *brain injured adult who is socially withdrawn
            *a person who is in a coma, or is bedridden
            *a person with dementia who experiences periods of extreme agitation

PLEASE NOTE: MTL does not provide music therapy services that address emotional distress, such as those caused by abuse issues or trauma. If you are looking for such services, however, we can help you find a qualified music therapist.