Music Therapy of London (to date) has provided services for:


  • -with language and communication needs
  • -with perceptual motor planning difficulties
  • -with a hearing impairment
  • -in a fragile medical condition
  • -in need of sensory stimulation
  • -with Retts Syndrome
  • -with Sotos Syndrome
  • -with Angelman Syndrome
  • -with PDD/Autistic Disorder
  • -with Down Syndrome
  • -with mental impairments and behavioral needs
  • -supporting dental interventions (for children who are highly resistive)
  • -with grief and loss issues
  • -supporting medical interventions (e.g., EEGs, eye examinations)
  • -severe trauma


  • with learning disabilities
  • who are “at risk” and require enhanced environments and educational supports
  • with mental impairments/behavioral needs


  • with brain injuries
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) students
  • in coma
  • with mental health issues
  • diagnosed with cancer
  • needing support with relaxation and stress management
  • with grief issues
  • supportive services for those with cardiac issues
  • PTSD

Elderly People

  • with Alzheimer’s disease/dementia
  • with Huntington’s disease
  • with Parkinson’s disease
  • with grief issues
  • in palliative care
  • who are frail